Hello All 👋 My name is Andrew, I'm the Founder/Designer of KOMBIO. Back in 2017, during a summer trip, my college friend, Max, was crew on a sailboat from Colombia to Costa Rica. The skipper of the boat taught everyone a fun card game. Upon returning to school, Max enthusiastically taught me and others the game.

Put simply, I was obsessed. I began teaching anyone who would care to learn. That summer I even made laminated rule cards to speed up the teaching process for the following year.

It was a hit. People loved it. Yet even with the rule cards it was a difficult game to teach. This is when the idea of making a custom deck arrived 💡

The goal of the deck was to not only fine-tune the rules through play-testing but to also increase card count and make the game easier to learn by using symbols. I was also attracted to the mood KOMBIO created when people sat down to play. The collective focus made for quality time that brought people into the present. At this point, the vision grew to something more broad: bring people together through light hearted fun.

If you are actively playing KOMBIO, thank you for continuing to grow the KOMBIO tribe! If you are considering playing, join us in making KOMBIO an international game that brings people together and works out our minds all while having a few laughs along the way. 

To all of you, happy gaming!