The Ultimate Card Game

A card game that has a lot of luck but also a lot of skill. People need to focus in order collect the lowest cards on the table.

Can you get the lowest score?

With a dash of luck to spice things up, players draw a random card and get the opportunity to view, swap or match cards. As cards on the table change, so do the opportunities.

A simple yet involved game that keeps people engaged as they search for the lowest cards on the table. With a complexity to stay entertained and an assortment of strategy tactics - this game will have everyone requesting another round!

Take it anywhere

KOMBIO® is pocket sized for a reason. It's a game you don't have to think twice about packing to play at...

◑ game night

◐ a park

◑ a beach

◐ a hostel

◑ a cafe

...really, play it anywhere!

Play 1v1 or with a Group

A card game that is great for groups. A card game where you can play with many people, or if you can play with two people.
A card game that is great for traveling. A card game that can fit in your pocket. A card game that can be played with anyone. A card game that is great for making new friends.

Great Trail Companion

Dog Approved ✓

Play with Family and Friends

Playing a card game with a group of friends while camping out in the wilderness. People playing KOMBIO are laughing and having a good time.
A card game with premium card stock and a high end feel. A card game that is easy to shuffle and deal while playing with friends and family.

High Spirits, Low Scores

Feeling Bored?


With origins tracing back to Central and South America, KOMBIO® takes inspiration and pays tribute to a fun and elusive card game that deserves a wide audience.


The purpose of KOMBIO® is to bring people together locally and internationally. Meeting new people or connecting with friends is fun and easy when there is a common outlet everyone enjoys.


A symbol based design keeps gameplay inclusive by minimizing the need to know a certain language. Note: Rule translations are in development.


KOMBIO® rewards mental acuity, spatial awareness and memory. Logic and forecasting help players develop strategies and make quick decisions. Tracking cards requires sustained focus while matching cards reduces reaction time and increases reflexes. Apart from mental stimulation, KOMBIO® is played in social settings that build communication skills.

Scorekeeping app for the card game KOMBIO. It's easier to keep score for this card game when the highest and lowest scores are calculated automatically. People decide whether they are going to call KOMBIO.

Free KOMBIO® Scorekeeping App

A card game that makes the perfect gift. A cards game involving numbers and thinking. A card game great for kids.

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