The Ultimate Card Game

A card game that has a lot of luck but also a lot of skill. People need to focus in order collect the lowest cards on the table.
A card game that is perfect for trips. Three people playing a card game while traveling on a boat in Alaska. The card game is being played while the three travelers adventure around one of America's great states.

A Game of Logic

Play with Two or More People

Playing a card game with a group of friends while camping out in the wilderness. People playing KOMBIO are laughing and having a good time.
A card game that is great for groups. A card game where you can play with many people, or if you can play with two people.

A Balance of Skill and Luck

Dynamic Strategy

A three person group playing a card game called KOMBIO. A group card game that is quick, easy to learn and extremely addicting. A card game that is easy to learn.
A card game that is great for traveling. A card game that can fit in your pocket. A card game that can be played with anyone. A card game that is great for making new friends.

Take it Anywhere

High Spirits, Low Scores

A card game that makes the perfect gift. A cards game involving numbers and thinking. A card game great for kids.

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